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While every specific case is unique, our general guidance for what to do on the off chance that you are harmed while finishing your obligations as a mariner on board a ship is essential to know for generally cases.  Our accomplished Jones Act attorney can rapidly give proficient counsel on the exceptional part of your case. In the event that we are not in the workplace at the season of your call, please leave a message on our 24 hour voice-mail or contact me by means of email at

The initial step when you are harmed at work is to quickly tell your manager or the chief. As per oceanic law, damage must be accounted for inside seven days of it happening. In any case, in the event that you do neglect to report it in that day and age, you may at present have a lawful case to remuneration and advantages. Try not to pause. On the off chance that you delay too long in detailing your mishap and damage, transport proprietors have a more prominent possibility of debating your claim.

Round out whatever kind of mishap report is utilized by your manager. Continuously round out a report when you uncover that you were harmed to continue everything very much recorded. In a perfect world, have a duplicate documented with the business and keep one for yourself. Verbal reports can infrequently be “overlooked.”

Get medicinal treatment to manage your damage or sickness at the earliest opportunity. More data can be found in our Frequently Asked Jones Act Questions page. Mariners or anglers who managed damage at work are will undoubtedly get all vital therapeutic medications paid for by the business. No deductibles should be secured first. The business should pay until the point when the sailor achieves what the Physician it regards as most extreme therapeutic change. This term implies that your wounds are in the same class as they’re regularly going to get.

Make a note of the mischance witnesses and approach them for their full names, locations and phone numbers. These can be critical contacts later on in the procedures. The reason it might be hard to get tightly to men who work adrift, consider additionally requesting an other contact number, for example, a companion or relative.

Comprehend your lawful rights when you are harmed at work. The general population who are sent to converse with you from the businesses organization and protection office expect to spare however much cash as could be expected for their customer. On the off chance that you comprehend what the Jones Act and oceanic law qualifies you for, you won’t be exploited. At the earliest opportunity, contact an accomplished sea lawyer. Call us for a free introductory meeting to take in more about your rights in these conditions and what sort of remuneration you can get.

Never consent to give a recorded articulation to the insurance agencies or manager before talking about things with your own legal counselor. There is no law that expects you to give one and it is shrewd not to go on the record before accepting board for an expert. It is conceivable that deceitful questioners could endeavor to curve your words, let things well enough alone for the records and control you to state something you didn’t expect to.

The subsequent stage, and a standout amongst the most critical, is to contact a gifted Jones Act attorney immediately. Neglecting to get great lawful guidance and strong portrayal early could actually cost you a huge number of dollars, contingent upon the degree of your damage. Protection agents will endeavor to influence you to accept they’re your ally, however nothing could be further from reality. An insurance agency worker has no other obligation beside restricting the measure of cash the organization needs to pay in a claim or settlement. A knowledgable, trustworthy seaward damage legal advisor will guarantee that you are getting what you merit and nothing less.

On the off chance that you or a friend or family member has been harmed seaward, don’t delay. Look for restorative consideration and get legitimate help.

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