Slip and Falls

The very idea of a vessel adrift, with smooth surfaces and consistent movement on the waves, makes for a high danger of slip and fall in a maritime situation all alone. Include the stairs, overwhelming apparatus, load, gear, and different factors both on board ship and shore side and the hazard for outing and fall just gets more genuine.

It might seem like a minor thing, yet a slip or excursion and fall in a maritime domain can cause genuine wounds – and more often than not, such a mishap is avoidable with legitimate wellbeing measures. In the event that these measures are not set up, your fall could be the blame of your maritime manager’s carelessness or vessel unseaworthiness. An accomplished Texas maritime mishap lawyer can enable you to recuperate the harms you merit from your slip and fall mischance in a maritime domain – whether adrift in Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic Ocean.

Reasons for Maritime Slip and Fall Accidents in Texas

Vessels, shipyards, and freight terminals loaded with dangers that can without much of a stretch reason a slip and fall or an excursion and fall. Include the carelessness and nonchalance for security engaged with ineffectively kept up vessels and docks and it’s nothing unexpected that 43% of maritime wounds announced are from slip and fall or excursion and fall mischances. Probably the most widely recognized dangers related with a slip and fall mischance include:

Wet or otherwise slick surfaces

Unsteady surfaces

Lack of nonskid surfaces

Loose lines

Loose cargo

Improperly secured equipment

Unmarked or poorly marked hazards

Improperly stored equipment – such as fishing nets

Poor vessel planning:

High points without safety guards

Unsecured ladders

Lack of nonskid grating

Improper angle of inclination for stairways, ladders, and stairways

Insufficient or nonexistent traffic control

Open holds on deck

Lack of safety procedures and training

A large number of these causes are preventable through basic security measures or better maintenance/substitution of hardware. Be that as it may, a maritime organization less worried about its kin and more worried about its funds may neglect to actualize these simple fixes. In the event that your maritime manager is one of these and you have endured damage because of a maritime outing and fall mischance, an accomplished Portland maritime damage lawyer can enable hope to out for your best advantages by seeking after reasonable compensation.

Maritime Injuries Sustained from Trip and Fall

In spite of the fact that customarily an outing and fall or slip and fall might be a minor mishap somebody can get up from and giggle about, in a maritime situation it is a significantly more genuine undertaking. This is on the grounds that, notwithstanding the danger that caused your mischance, you are encompassed with significantly more perils – the vast majority of which are produced using strong materials like steel – transforming what might have been a minor wound into something like a broken arm or fractured tailbone. Most Portland or Seattle outing and fall or slip and fall maritime wounds happen on decks, passages, and stairs, and include:

Sprains or strains of the lower legs

Sprains or strains of the wrists

Knee wounds, including sprained and torn tendons

Fractured or broken bones

Eye wounds

Head wounds

Neck Injuries

Back wounds

Shoulder wounds

Brain Injuries

Spinal Cord Injuries

Concussions and post-concussions disorder


Recoverable Damages from Washington Maritime Slip and Fall Accidents

Each maritime organization has an obligation of care to give a sheltered situation to the general population on board its vessels and on its docks. Neglecting to do as such through absence of legitimate signage, methodology, preparing, or gear is thought about carelessness under the law. Procuring a crewmember who the organization should know won’t have the capacity to play out his or her errand securely is another type of carelessness. In the event that you have endured damage because of your maritime boss’ carelessness in actualizing measures to avoid maritime mischances like slip and falls or excursion and falls, you might be qualified for the accompanying harms under the Jones Act or other maritime law:

Immediate medical care

Ongoing medical care


Increased maintenance and cure

Lost wages, past, and future

Long-term or permanent disability

Reduced capacity to work in trade

Mental anguish

Pain and suffering

Punitive damages for gross negligence

You don’t need to acknowledge the maintenance and cure or different harms your maritime business offers to cover your damage. An accomplished Seattle maritime damage lawyer will have the capacity to deal with the subtle elements of your maritime damage case concerning a slip and tumble to decide whether you fit the bill for more ideal compensation.

Maritime Trip and Fall Accident Attorney

The accomplished Texas maritime lawyers of RJ Alexander Law, PLLC have sought after good harms in maritime damage cases. On the off chance that you have endured a slip and fall or trek and fall mischance bringing about damage because of your maritime business’ carelessness, RJ Alexander Law, PLLC will battle for what’s best for you, regardless of whether that be through settlement or trial.

Our lawyers will apply their own particular energy for maritime interests, for example, working a pull organization, to your Texas or Louisiana maritime damage case. For your free meeting on what maritime damage compensation you may fit the bill for in your slip and fall case, call (832) 458-1756 today.