Tugboat Accidents

Under the Jones Act, tug and barge workers working in Galveston Bay, the Gulf Coast, Texas, and any place in the world for U.S. tug companies have the right to bring a claim for injury compensation after an accident brought on by an unsafe condition or practice to the tug or barge. Initially passed in 1920 as the Merchant Marine Act, the federal statute was created to promote and develop maritime trade in the USA. It gave tug and barge employees along with other seamen the right to bring a cause of action against their employers in case of an accident due to the negligence of the container company, co-workers, or an unsafe condition or practice to the tug and barge.

With over seven decades of combined experience, our tug and barge injury lawyers work hard to safeguard the rights of wounded spouses and barge employees. We signify captains, deckhands, chief cooks, engineers, along with other seamen against a number of the most significant tug businesses in the Gulf of Mexico.

Since seaman aren’t covered by state workers’ compensation legislation, the federal Jones Act provides a remedy for injured seamen and maritime workers.

But, unlike workers’ compensation statutes under state legislation, a seaman should demonstrate error to create a comeback under the Jones Act. Underneath the general maritime law, a seaman doesn’t need to establish fault, but has to demonstrate the boat wasn’t reasonably fit for its intended usage. Our attorneys have years of experience in managing marine personal injury claims and are knowledgeable about industry regulations and standards which govern marine work. Once an injury happens, we carefully assess the details of this incident and consult marine liability specialists with technical knowledge when needed. Since we often manage marine accident claims, we understand that the issues and understand the top experts in the area when expert testimony is needed.

By consulting nationally recognized specialists, our attorneys work hard to present your own situation. For example, vocational specialists and economists may help our company in producing a calculation of your economical reduction after a maritime accident. A vocational specialist may help out with determining your Profession choices following an injury if you cannot go back to your previous occupation. Vocational specialists and economists assist our law company arrive in well-supported dollar amounts we believe our customers are entitled to by owners of tugboats and tugboat operations. With their advice, our lawyers take into consideration expected future increases and promotions which a worker would have been likely to get experienced the unintentional injury not occurred. Fringe benefits for marine employees can be important because a substantial part of a seamen’s settlement may arrive in the kind of fringe benefits. Properly calculating these missing gains can include thousands of dollars to your closing verdict or settlement.

In case you have any questions regarding your right to reimbursement under the Jones Act after an accident on a tug boat or barge, contact one of our experienced maritime accident attorneys for a free case assessment of your claim. We’ll talk about your claim over the phone or in-house in our offices or your own property. Let’s know what we can do to assist by calling (832) 458-1756 for a free initial consultation.